Fertiliser Spreading – Our spreader has wide spread technology and is able to spread with exacting position. With a variable rate application you can spread what you want, where you want. The spreader has a height extension for poultry manure and bulk fertilisers, also spreads lime, granular and prilled fertilisers.
Our Small Vicon 3 point linkage spreader is a versatile spreader, perfect for over sowing seed and smaller fertiliser jobs.

Slashing – The benefits of slashing are not only to clean up your grass, but also to promote fresh growth for stock. It is also the quickest most economical way to reduce your fire hazard. Slashing produces wind rows of cut grass, which can have the added advantage of providing mulch that is easily collected for mulch.
Mulching is a far better alternative to simply slashing. Mulching cuts grass a lot finer than slashing, which means faster decomposition and valuable organic matter for your soil health. Clippings are also spread evenly over the width of the cut, not wind rowed to one side as with slashing.

Hazard Reduction  Protect your property and livestock from the threat of fires.  Don’t let your property become a fire hazard.   In fire season it is recommended that you mow the grass short,  create fire breaks and reduce the undergrowth that fuels fires.

Aerating – The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction,  aerating the soil  allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This promotes the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous plant.


Disc Plough  –  To prepare a seed bed for planting crops
Chisel Plough – For deep ripping of the soil prior to disc plough

Nissan UD 8 tonne Truck with 10.3 metre beaver tail tray for cartage.